Website Design: Navigation is Key

By | July 12, 2017

People use the internet so readily because they want to find information quickly. Therefore, they are generally displeased when finding websites that are difficult to navigate. It’s true that website design involves a number of features, but some of the most important ones involve how easily visitors can move around the website.

Fast Loading Speeds

Waiting for a website to load feels as though one has been transported back to the late 20th century. Most high-quality websites load pretty quickly, and if people have to sit around waiting for a site to fully appear, they are likely to leave it. In fact, they may never visit it again because of how it affects their computers. On top of that, they may grow skeptical as to why it is taking so long and assume that the website is bogged down with spam.


Some individuals do want to check out the homepage of a website, but many have a particular page or set of pages that they want to see. For example, they might want to read reviews that other customers have left, or they may wish to check out the latest posts on the blog. When labels aren’t clearly posted in a useful spot, they get lost. Instead of spending unnecessary time trying to find their way around the website, they will likely just go to one that is easier to navigate.

Colors and Fonts

Even if labels for different pages are in the correct spaces, that doesn’t mean they are easy to read. Some fonts are difficult to absorb, and some colors are hurtful to the eyes. While companies do want to make sure that the overall tone of the website matches with the theme and feel of their company, they should not do so at the expense of actually getting people to read the content.

Navigating websites is a task that many people do without a great deal of difficulty. Therefore, in the event that they come to a website that is slow and challenging to navigate, they will probably forget about returning to this particular web location in the future.